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Buffalo Groves Inc.

Profile Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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We are located near Kiowa, Colorado and have raised buffalo for over ten (10) years. Our buffalo roam as they did long, long ago... out on the prairie. We don't raise our buffalo like cattle... We are a "natural ranch" And, yes, we are 100% grassfed! We developed a wonderful (& successful) grassfed buffalo meat business, but after loosing 2,000 acres, which was the land we used to grow our 100% grassfed buffalo; we shut down the meat operations and kept our majestic buffalo breeding stock herd. We are a cow/calf operation, meaning sell our buffalo calves. We are the LEADER in BISON EDUCATION... We've created & designed educational buffalo materials, including our Buffalo Groves, Buffalo Ranching Guide. We host BUFFALO RANCHING DAYS (to a select group of attendees), to help others learn about raising buffalo.
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