Why MarketMaker

Connecting markets and quality food sources from farm and fishery to fork

Whether you are a producer looking to reach new markets; a buyer wanting to connect with local or specialty suppliers; or a consumer looking for goods and services in your area MarketMaker is a must-have resource.

MarketMaker is the largest and most in-depth database of its kind featuring a diverse community of food-related businesses: buyers, farmers/ranchers, fisheries, farmers markets, processors/packers, wineries, restaurants and more. MarketMaker provides simple yet powerful search tools to connect with others across the production and distribution chain.

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For Producers

Producers register their businesses in MarketMaker because food buyers of all types access our database to find products and services to meet their specific needs. Through MarketMaker, producers can reach more buyers and more efficiently form profitable business alliances.

For Buyers

Buyers register making their business discoverable to food producers looking to grow, source, or sell just what you need. Buyers can use MarketMaker to find more suppliers of differentiated, high-quality products leading to more efficient sourcing and higher margins.

For Consumers

Consumers use MarketMaker to locate suppliers selling just what they need. Search for anything—the nearest supplier of organic chick peas, specialty mushrooms or seasonal fish from anywhere in the U.S.

MarketMaker in Action

  • “We’ve had more traffic from outside the area, even as far as Texas, coming to the orchard since we registered. MarketMaker has helped those looking for exotic fruits find our orchard.”
    —Daniel Romero, Daniel and Anna’s Orchard, New Iberia, LA

  • “MarketMaker makes it much easier for us to source local products. We use ‘Business Connections’ as a quick, easy way to link to businesses we do business with.”
    —Elizabeth Mozer, Owner/Operator of LoCo Foods, Fort Collins, CO

  • “MarketMaker is a valuable tool for helping me find contacts that might be interested in my services. I recommend it to others as a way to market their business as well.”
    —Rabbi Yerucham Schochet, Kosher Savannah, Savannah, GA

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